Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Busy busy..

Haven't been intentionally ignoring people, just been busy and tired like you wouldn't believe this week. Today will be busier than most Thursdays, but am on lunch right now, so ha!

Going to be at actingbunny's Halloween/costume/got-new-job party this weekend (Saturday). Sunday may be going to the National Museum of Natural History for the Sikhs, Legacy of the Punjab exhibit for my Anthropology class. (Anyone want to come?)

Have seen all of Firefly, so am prepared to see Serenity sometime if anyone still wants to go. (^*^); Just need to set aside the time to do so.

em.. there's more stuff than that going on. But aa well..

PS--tlttlotd, did you get around to it? No big deal if ya didn't, just thought would check. (^*^)

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