Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi


Must decide on some classes for next semester by midnight, Sunday night. Would be helpful to pick a direction, mya. Taking AN101 has made me less interested in cultural anthropology, not because the topics are uninteresting, but because in practice it's darn silly. So maybe archeology would be more my thing, or linguistics. Linguistics might be more of a hobby, though, so am thinking archeology.

UMD has a program for Art History & Archeology.. is this a typical archeology course? Anybody know? Was expecting archeology to have more geology, etc., sorts of requirements, which this doesn't specify. Lots of history and art and sociology type stuff, which makes sense.. but mya. Just curious.

Switching programs means AN101 would counts as a lower-level elective instead of course credit. Same with SP108, unless switching to Linguistics stuff.. but mya. Not a huge deal, but EN101 already counts as lower-level credit for any UMD courses, since they're requirement is EN102 in order to become a freshman. So this prolly means would have to pick up an extra credit somewhere in there.. except that supposedly only 28 credits is required to transfer, typically. We see.

Just pondering over since decision needs to be made on which four (morning) classes will be taking next semester by Sunday night.
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