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On the way to work this morning, the half-frozen Smurf got caught up in traffic. Not the worst traffic ever, but it was caused by an accident that left two lanes of traffic blocked off. By the time we got there, there was only one accident vehicle and a couple of police cars. The car didn't look really damaged or anything, but the wrong part of it was touching the street.. the driver's side door. I hope everyone is okay.

So I figured out my plan yesterday. Y'see, next week involves -- aside from finals -- heading down to Florida to celebrate mmsword's graduation from college. So before then, I'll need to take Smurf in for a checkup, see about getting that whole "winterizing" thing done.. whatever that actually means, ee. Of course, there's not really gonna be a winter in Florida.. but aa well. Long drive.

Anyways, this Friday is the day between paychecks that I like to put money toward my credit card. One's paid off, and the other as of this Friday will total less than $100. Yay! Now, though, I'm going to want to put something onto the empty one.. and because my boss suggested I get one for work, and because I'm about to take a long drive to Florida, and because it helps develop one's credit to continue using it (wisely).. I'll be getting an iPod as a holidy present to me. (^*^)

I've already got it set.. I'll buy one with the two year service plan, just-in-case, and it'll all actually fit within the frivolous spending budget I've been saving up for a while now. (Well, with the service plan, it'll be a bit over, but the Friday after I get back from Florida is another paycheck). If I order the iPod on Friday, it should arrive sometime between Monday and Wednesday, so it should be here by the time I leave for Florida, Thursday evening. Yay!

Next I just have to make sure that I continue saving my frivolous budget to make up for what holiday shopping I'll be doing for others.. (sorry guys, it won't be much, but I'll try and get some presents for a couple people at least. The rest of y'all will just have to endure enjoy my company. ^*^)

Apart from that.. snow! It's so pretty, and I remember watching it late last night, and standing outside in it on the way to Smurf from class. As I drove home, I thought to myself that maybe the stars form galaxies because, like arctic penguins, they like to huddle together for warmth. I hadn't been thinking that March of the Penguins just came out last Tuesday.

It looks like Christmas outside already. And I'm just happy that I'm allowed to celebrate now.
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