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Schedule so far.. (from a very tired person)

'Kash comes home from work as normal, then leaves around 5:00 or so to pick up per_akh.
per_akh and 'Kash pick up sionnachdhu from rhiannasilel's.
per_akh, sionnachdhu and 'Kash, at around 6:30, head down to lyssabard and tlttlotd's.
Around 8:00, per_akhsionnachdhu and 'Kash arrive at lyssabard and tlttlotd's.
Cheap dinner will be had followed by a late showing of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (10:15?)
rhiannasilel picks up sionnachdhu in the vicinity of 12:00-1:00(?) to head home.
per_akh and 'Kash have minor slumber party at lyssabard and tlttlotd's while awaiting cookiefest on Saturday.

Ya is pretty vague, and maybe wildly inaccurate, but works ideally that way, ya?

Tired.. :collapse:
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