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I had fun this weekend. (^*^) Seeing lupagreenwolf and teriel was fun, of course. Attending workshops was intelesting, and thanks for the discount!

Hanging out at lyssabard and tlttlotd's was fun as usual, 'specially since it was a game night Saturday, which is fun even though I'm not participating.

Sunday was potentially going to be spending some time with per_akh at the Baltimore aquarium, but since it was $1 day, half the surrounding states decided to show up. There was a line literally almost a half-mile long, and the someone announced that tickets were sould out over the P.A. system. So instead we wandered around one of the malls at the inner harbor, got some excellent sushi, looked at shinies and bought some chocolate. (The blue-stripe-haired guy behind the counter gave me free chocolates! I suspect he was attracted to me..)

In the end, we caught the train home, both having to pee really badly, and sat eating our chocolate and watching TV while petting Beelzebunny and talking to animelily over the phone. It was great! We did a whole lot of nothing, and just some hanging out. (^*^) Doing nothing is exactly what I needed, and also the food didn't hurt either.

I got two decent sources of protein in one day! lyssabard's eggs, and the sashimi at Edo Suhi. Not to mention the multivitamin that lyssabard gave me.. I seriously think that malnutrition has been a major source of my problems lately. Just after 24 hours of decent nutrition (probably still less than most people tend to get), and I felt so much better by the end. I need to pick up some multivitamins and protein drinks (per_akh had gotten me some chocolate Odwalla, too).

Today is work again. Tomorrow I'll be taking over Tim's job (my boss), as he'll be out of state attending a funeral.. sad, sad. This should be interesting. Today, though, was basically just another day, albeit a more energy filled one that most (thanks to nutrition and stuff, I think). In the end, the most interesting thing about today though is this..

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