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Poor Smurf

Smurf started leaking coolant fluid yesterday. Turns out, the coolant hose was busted. Which should be no big deal, except it costs $149 to replace the thing, apparently. And, when I get around to it, another $145 to replace the belt that got coolant leaked all over it. Plus, another $260 to replace some other hose that'll go bad soon.

Not to mention Smurf is due for an oil change.. oof.

What should have taken an hour and a half (as they originally told me), instead ended up taking two and a half hours.. so I got to work pretty late. Wouldn't have been too late for a normal shift, but taking over Tim's job, I'm supposed to be in an hour earlier. So mya.. we had a whole pile of things that only I could do (though we did get a newer guy to start working on them as of today).

Might try and get one of the other Smurf things done tomorrow.. but my bank account whimpers at the thought. mrar

I sit here worrying that things won't go out on time, and that I won't remember how to do Chorus calls properly when it finally comes in. But you know what? This is Tim's job.. he threw it at me out of the blue, and I doubt I'll be getting properly compensated for it. So nya.

Must get home and eat something, have another powdery, protein shake thing maybe.

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