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What the frell.

Today in statistics class we learned that there is not enough evidence to prove that nine is less than ten.


This morning, I spent a few minutes tossing together something for a topic proposal for my research paper in English class. This is the first grade of four in the project that will decide whether we pass the course or not. The grade is a pass or fail, and it passed.

The Foundations of Freedom: John Locke’s Concept of Democracy

Well before the creation of the democratic republic of America, a man named John Locke pondered what it would take to organize a government which could rule a land while also being fair to its people.  Following the death of Thomas Hobbes, he began publishing papers which suggested a need for some diversification amongst an empire’s peoples, rather than the self-interested cooperation and enforced unification that Hobbes had written about during his years.  Locke’s first essays, A Letter Concerning Toleration and Two Treatises of Government, discuss many ideas which today are interpreted by many as the foundations of liberal democracy, and discuss ideas of religious tolerance as opposed to enforcing a singular religion onto the people.  In addition to discussing issues of religious freedom, he supported the notion of that a people had the right of rebellion should a government no longer seek its people’s consent, another idea which was incorporated into the United States Constitution.

I believe that it is important that people be reminded of the philosophies which influenced the foundations of our own nation, including the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Without having a strong religious background or historical bias, I am able to work objectively and mention also Locke’s views against the tolerance of atheism and Roman Catholicism, rather than pretending that his ideals were perfect or complete.

Next I have to work on finding at least 20 resources to create 20 bibliography cards to hand in by the end of this week (my deadline, not his). They don't all have to be used in the paper, but we have to get a good idea of where we're looking.. lessee..


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Apr. 10th, 2006 06:42 pm (UTC)
Well, opposing points of view won't be as useful; we are only supposed to talk specifically about one person's concept of democracy (nothing else about them, or about anyone else). The rest sounds good, though.. also need to include at least three sources which are professional political science journals.
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