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Tired. Seem almost perpetually tired sometimes. Three weeks of schoool.. then finals.. then done! Summer! Relax + read books -- then -- find apartment! weee..!

My parents came to visit this weekend for my birthday, since they realized "Hey wait! We have a car too! And can drive." So the weekend was spent doing things like introducing them to Indian and Thai foods, which they apparently never had. Also, going to museums and seeing things like the Hokusai exhibit (pretty, pretty).

And buying me a Nintendo DS and copy of Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal. Will this demon seal possibly have something to do with the mark each of the Bente people has on their forehead? eek! It's pretty typical slow-moving RPG fun, and the main character's name is "Tao," so I felt compelled to rename him "WuWei."

Back to being busy, busy.. must right three-page summary of one-page science news article for biology class, 4-6 page paper for geography class, long full-sentence outline of research paper for English class, and take Smurf to the vet doctor mech shop for a checkup and get to a library or some other place to acquire books and/or papers on John Locke for English research paper. In the meantime, must pick up lunch and work on two more full edits and a couple other things.. and go pee.. and not go completely insane in the next three+ weeks of school, mya.

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