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Smurf is not doing well. It's been a little bit odd on and off the past few weeks, but nothing major (could be the whether, ya know?) Since Sunday, though, things have been progressively bad, with not wanting to start, occasionally stalling out, and generally just sort of put-putting down the road (which is not great for the beltway).

Am concerned with the way Smurf has been driving today that it may decide to cease moving soon without seeing attention. I don't actually have the time to get Smurf to the shop until Saturday morning, when they're open from 9:00 AM to noon, which may or may not be enough time to assess and fix Smurf.

We're in "earnings" at work, meaning we're extra busy with transcripts from companies assessing the year's first quarter earnings, etc. I can't take off work because of this, they need me (I wouldn't want to take off work anyway, but a nonworking car might force me to).

Tomorrow there is a test in my statistics class, and I can't afford to skip it. Thursday I have to give a presentation in biology, and I can't afford to skip that. Friday, I have to turn in a paper for geography, and I can't afford to skip that. (I am also supposed to turn in a major outline for English, but I can afford to skip that). The only possibility would be to get the geography paper turned in before Friday, but I still would be missing statistics and thus not learning what I need for another test we'll be having on Monday, which I can't afford to skip.

I am not sure what to do here. It's possible that Smurf will last until the weekend, and that the mechanics will be able to handle the problem within three hours. It's possible that this won't be true, and that I won't be able to get to school, or possibly even work on Monday. This would also inhibit my ability to get out and collect books for the research paper in English which decides my grade in that course (an F on the paper automatically means an F in the class), which requires that we cite at least 15 sources.
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