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feedforward partie deux

Tonight, helen99 helped me with dropping off Smurf at the shop and taking me home. She has also said that she can take me to school in the morning. (Thank you!)

There is a bus that I can take directly from the college to the street where the auto shop is located to pick up Smurf after school and before work.

I called rhiannasilel, and she has offered to take me to work in the morning in case Smurf is no good to drive. (Thanks much!)

I may just leave Smurf at the shop to be repaired if the problem isn't something simple enough to be fixed by noon, and all they manage to due is inspect it to see the problem. The only issue at this point would be getting home from work in the evening. It was just a few minutes ago that I got home and talked with rhiannasilel over the phone, and I don't want to try calling more people this late in the evening.

Wednesday nights, I normally get off work at 6:00 PM. The closest person I know to where I work is rangermorgiah, but I also know she is extremely busy. Actually, I may be able to take a bus from nearby where I work to the nearest metro station, switch lines, and take that to the metro station near here.. which looks like it should take a little over an hour plus walking. That should get me home by about 8:00 PM.. that might work. We see.
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