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feedforward partie trois: finale

Smurf is in the shop. They found a problem with the spark plugs (they were dirty and bent out of shape). This appears to be the main problem, and they may also need to replace a coil. Smurf will be staying at the shop overnight again, and I should be able to pick it up around 11:30-12:00 (noon) tomorrow. For just the spark plugs, it should be about $60. If the coil needs replacing, it should still be under $200. There may be other problems, but this will certainly help, at the very least.

stardansr has kindly offered to take me home from work today. (^*^) Thank you! The last thing will be needing to get a ride to school again in the morning.. which hopefully helen99 will be able to help me with again. (Sorry!) The bus can easily get me from school to the shop in time to pick up Smurf and head to work without benig late (or at least any more than a few minutes late).

This means I should be able to continue school and work and get my geography paper turned in on time, as well as stop by the library this weekend to pick up books for my research paper in English. I may not turn in my outline this Friday, but that's okay. That gives me time to work on it the weekend and hand it in Monday, which would delay my research paper to being turned in the following Monday, which means I'd have the weekend to work on that.

It looks like everything will work out from here. (^*^) As soon as May rolls around (and school lets out), I'll be taking Smurf in for more checkups to see if there's any more work that needs to be done. (Of course, earlier if there are more problems). Thanks to everyone who's been helping me out so far! (Including those who've offered comfort and suggestions). Thanks to helen99, rhiannasilel and stardansr for help in traveling.
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