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'Kay, so am rethinking this weekend reservation for homework strategy. I do need to get homework done both of the next two weekends, but.. all work and no play makes 'Kash hurt lots. So I would like to spend time with friends this weekend, and the next one, but I'd need to know that people can also help me make sure I get work done before Monday on both weekends.

This weekend it's the outline for my research paper, next weekend it will be the paper itself. In the meantime I'll be working on collecting those 15+ resources I need to complete it. The paper itself has a final deadline of 1:00 PM on Thursday, May 11, so the paper can be stretched out more so long as it is is good when turned in, but it should at least be a good rough draft or mostly done by the Monday after this coming one (May 1).

I could also maybe use some help in studying for statistics.. the other classes I'm doing well in, but I've choked on virtually every test in that class, and need to prepare for the final in a couple of weeks (plus another test this Monday, and I think maybe one more next week, not sure). Anyways.. if people can help me out.. and would like to see me.. that'd be great.

Tanks in advance.
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