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Y'know, an odd thought just struck me. Shawn really does need to be more fair with Des. I mean, obviously, of course. That's not a new thought, in and of itself. But it just hit me, that she really needs to hear right now what it's going to be. He needs to get a hold of her and let her know what the score is. It's unfair to keep her on chains and not even bother to pay a visit.

It's odd. I guess I just suddenly realized how much of a pain it must be for Des. And with all the things she's facing currently--so many other people in love with her, and him not paying any mind--there's a good chance of something happening. Possibly something she'd end up feeling ashamed of. And I don't want to see that happen. So come on, Shawn. Just tell her how it is. You need to start acting out your role in the relationship, or move on. Because she's about to burst with all the things she's feeling. And if she doesn't hear from you before that happens, she's only going to feel all the worse...

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