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Unfortunately, I can't see what I'm typing..

I'm taking off work today, because last night my eyesight was worse than ever, and I could easily have not made it home. I am a traffic hazard at this point, and Smurf needs to see the mech doctors, so is in the shop right now waiting to be fixed. It's possible that Smurf won't be ready in time on Monday, so I may need a ride into work then, assuming my eyesight has improved over the weekend.

I think that the strain of attempting to edit transcripts with eyesight as poor as mine is currently due to corneal aggitation is what makes my eyes worse in the evenings than they are in the mornings, which is also part of why I'm taking off work today. Hopefully, the three day weekend will help relax them some. I'm currently updating from Helen's computer with the shielded monitor and sitting back, not bothering to watch what I type.

Thing is, now I'm home today, and I'm not really going to spend my time reading books or playing DIablo.. what with sight being involved to do those things, and possible eye strain. So the thing is.. I have a whole day of nothing to do. Which is great! I need to relax and do nothing for a while.. but would someone like to do nothing with me? I'm all alone here right now.. is anyone evailable, not having work to deal with today? Maybe come over? I'm bored!

edit: PS -- I'm not really going to be checking for comments here, so if ya wanna get ahold of me, try my cell phone or helen99's phone, I guess. Hopefully, I did that right.
Tags: eyes, health, work

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