Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Camping in two weeks

So WTT planning jus getting started.

Last night, at REI, I got a new tent, along with rialian and helen99 (who got the same thing for themselves). It's a Base Camp 6, which sleeps six people. It has 10'5" by 8'4" floor space and a 6'1" roof. (^*^); It also has a full rain fly (including 'porch' area), and I got a "footprint" for it, which is a tarp specifically designed to go under this tent. (Might bring the overhead tarp thingy my parents gave me too.. might be too much unneeded hastle, though).

I'm hoping to head out Wednesday night after work (done at 6:00 PM) to set up camp and hang out all day Thursday. Not sure how this will work exactly.. got to work it all out (have to get ahold of per_akh and rangermorgiah). It looks like tlttlotd and lyssabard won't be heading out till Friday evening, so won't be catching a ride with them.. I'm hoping that Smurf will actually last until that weekend, drop it off at the mech shop so it'll have a few days to get fixed before I get back.

That's about all we have going so far.. needless to say, I'll be sad if that humungo tent goes without use. (^*^)
Tags: camping, car

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