Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

So this summer..

In addition to looking for an apartment, I'm going to need to look for a new job this summer.. So far I've heard nothing on my raise, after having exceeded my boss's expectations. I should be able to survive getting an apartment with per_akh and jinkonosuzuran, but I won't be surviving well, and if there's an emergency, I may not be able to handle it well.

So what I'm going to need is a job that can pay me at least $30,000 a year and offer affordable benefits. ($400-something a month is not affordable).

Right now, I'm working as an editor at a transcript facility.. my boss has told me (accidentally) that I'm the best editor here; I have the highest productivity combined with virtually no complaints. (I've had one legitimate complaint in the past several months, and one that was a problem with the computer).

So if I could get a descent editing job, that could work.. otherwise, I could try something more technical potentially, so long as they have good training. (I have computer skills, but they've gone mostly unused for a while). I've also done call center work, but that usually pays poo unless it's tech support.. which I could potentially do.

Anyways.. things to think about after the upcoming weekend.

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