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All signed up..

Crazy as I am, I'm all signed up for classes next semester. Classes begin September 6.. that gives me six weeks and two days of summer left. weee..

At least it should be a pretty easy semester. I signed up for two art classes, Asian literature and French. I wanted to take Chinese, but it's only available in afternoon courses.. poo.

So my art classes are Art History II (Honors), and Introduction to Drawing. I've really been meaning to get into drawing for a long time, and part of what kept me from doing that was going to school.. so now they coincide. (^*^); I guess this means I might be doing some drawing for homework too.. I'll actually have to draw, rather than simply wanting to draw, so I guess I'll be getting stuff done.. someday, I will start doing a comic thingy of some sort, wee! It'll simply be a matter of which idea I feel like running with at the time I guess..

They all act as course credits, though not sure about French 101 (am supposed to take more advanced language courses, but I can't just skip ahead.. so mya). At the end of the semester, I'll only need about 26 more credits before I can transfer.. two or three more semesters. I'll probably be taking three semesters after this one, since I'm probably not starting at a university in the spring.. and I can cover some more stuff that way (like additional language courses and maybe some retakes).
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