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Got back from Pennsylvania at about 9:30 last night. It was a good weekend, I had a lot of fun and relaxation. My back isn't hurting quite as much as it was last week, so I'm guessing it really was mostly issues with stress and bad posture (and maybe some dietary issues too, not sure).

Took the care in for inspection this morning -- it failed and the inspection wasn't done until about 10:00 (even though I dropped the car off about 8:00). So I didn't get to the MVA until about 10:30 and it was just as busy as Friday, another couple hours worth of waiting.. so unfortunately I had to go straight to work. (Actually I did pick up some food on the way there, yay me). Which unfortunately means I can no longer drive my car for now. I'm going to drop it off at the mech shop tonight for them to repair it and reinspect it in the morning, and see how that goes (thankfully they're in walking distance from the house).

Meantime, I'm going to have to work out other means to get to and from work and take care of the legalities like getting the title properly transferred and the car registered and stuff like that.. while also trying to handle Florida DMV stuff so that my insurance stuff can all be worked out. mrr

So okay, I did call them and the car should get fixed in the morning no problems; I'll have to get up early and drop off my key and make sure they reinspect the car and pass it so that I can get that information to the MVA. I will try looking into alternate insurance programs (like maybe MAIF), and stuff.. if I can get the MVA stuff taken care of sometime between now and Thursday, then I should be okay to pick up my Otakon badge on Thursday night after work (hopefully I can get out early enough), and head up to per_akh's to see them and jinkonosuzuran for the evening before heading to Otakon the next morning. (^*^) It should be good.. and I'll finally get to meet sixteenbynine in person! We keep passing each other..

Next, I will have to go somewhere to find something suitable to wear to the wedding on the following weekend! ee!
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