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Pandora day

So I was listening to my t.A.T.u. station on Pandora and it was having trouble coming up with anything vaguely like t.A.T.u. Suddenly it popped up with De/Vision and their song Miss You More.

They're shades of Depeche Mode with their own, wonderful melody.. I immediately made a new station with the group as the basis. It proceeded to play I'm Not Dreaming Of You, which was just as good. After that, it played Come Back To Me by Razed in Black, Time Of Our Lives by Paul Van Dyk, and Touch by Wolfsheim.

It wasn't until after that the music started degrading -- Party Scenes by Baby Dayliner was awful, and the next three didn't interest me -- but that's the way these things go; you have to start telling it want you don't like / want on that station or things will get truly bizarre. Those first few songs though, were great. (^*^)

Ooo.. Kunstliche Welten by Wolfsheim. ATB! Let U Go. BT, Simply Being Loved. Melotron, Wach Auf. I heart this station. (^*^)

per_akh, you may be interested in that most of these are German, and I believe "Wolfsheim" means "Wolf's Home," I think? You may want to check them out.. (^*^)
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