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Okay. Apparently one of our clients is going to move on to another (out of country) company where they can apparently get transcription done cheaper than they can with us. It's not our major client, but it's not a good sign. And we only have one major client, that makes up (according to the boss) roughly 80% of our business. (IE, if they go, the department goes).

There's no reason to believe at this point that the major client would go.. but they have been wanting to move to 22 hour turn around times for everything, and we haven't done that (it's kind of infeasible). So yes.. new job needed..

I forgot to post my resumé (sans personal info) last time I posted about needing a new job. Any recommendations people make (far as where to look, how to improve resumé, etc.) would be very much appreciated. I so far just have one sorta-kinda-maybe but probably-going-nowhere lead for another editing position.
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