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On the craptaculousness of voting

I didn't realize that voting electronically was the default now and that the only way to vote by paper ballot now is to vote by absentee ballot.

I would've asked people about this sooner, but I wasn't expecting to be able to vote until my Asian Lit. teacher spontaneously didn't show up for class today, giving me the time to do so. Hopefully my completely unsecured electronic voting record will not be tampered with and will be safely applied when the time comes.

This was my first time ever voting. (^*^) You know, for anything other than sushi versus Indian food or what have you.. I'm strangely okay with it, though if I ever do it again (and I suspect I might), I will try and be more well informed ahead of time, and plan for it. As it is, there were some things I just had to skim over, since I had no idea who these people were.. still, I hope I did some amount of good, or at least more-so than bad..

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