Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

deviantART presents:

BT & THOMAS DOLBY in a Sonic Duel for Virtual Supremacy North American tour, 2006
(includes tour schedule: Baltimore, MD - Sonar, Wed., 20-Dec-06)

Basically BT & Thomas Dolby are getting together for a concert, and deviantART will be selecting 30 "deviants" from each area the concert will be in to display their artwork as part of the concert pre-show. The concert will contain music and videos from BT's latest project This Binary Universe.

Here's an interview with BT on M-Audio's website. Here's the official fan community. Here's the ticketmaster page where you can buy a ticket for it (I already did). Here's Sonar Baltimore's site which lists the concert and links to the ticketmaster page.

edit: I should mention that some of these pages are bandwidth heavy. Most of them, actually. There are two videos so far available on iTunes, but one of them is available for free on the first link. The interview is a QuickTime movie.
Tags: music, rar

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