Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Oy vey...

So from what I gather, it's another matter of miscommunication. Ye ole "she said, he said" bull shit. I hate that. Fucking talk to the person in question if there might be a problem. Find out what they have to say, find out what the real situations is; Don't just take things as they appear because one person said this. Stop making assumptions. Assumptions have always been the major failing point.

Okay, I'm told the problem is: "... she has the idea in her head that [I] told Duo that A: Dez is only using Duo for sex and B: Dez will never love Duo like she loves [me]."

Oh yeah, that really sounds like me. Duo and I were chatting one day, when Des was out, about a bunch of things really, and of course Des was a topic that came up. She happens to be a rather interesting person (Warning: Major understatement o*o). Anyway.. The subject of Duo's relationship with Des came up. Duo brought it up, because he wasn't sure just how Des felt about him. I simply offered my perspective, that it appears to me she loves him like a brother, and also likes to have fun with him. It's sort of a "friends with benefits" situation, except more, because they have that brother / sister type of closeness going for them. But anyway, I said that basically seems how it is, and that Des didn't necessarily want any kind of commitment involved as such. I was also very specific that this was simply how I saw things, how the seem to be in my eyes, but that I could also be terribly, horribly wrong. I used those exact words, even.

I never said anything about how Des may or may not feel about me. Never alluded to it--either way--in the slightest. I don't know where that came from... Fact is, I've been quite confused about how Des feels about me as well. I get reassurance in certain things, now and then but... Regardless, I never mentioned anything along those lines. That's just silly... And would have been cruel for me to do so, particularly in that case.

Why do people have a tendency to think such terrible things about me..? Do I really present myself as such a monster...?

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