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Oh yes..

I have to poke people about PTK membership and all.. I am a member, found out recently. I have to make sure of what I need to do to maintain membership. It was suggested that I may only need to take at least one class per semester and maintain a 3.4 GPA.. but wasn't certain, have to find the people in charge of that.  If that's the case, I'm thinking of just taking "Two-Dimensional Design" next semester as an extension of the learning to draw thing. I realized that that's really the most important thing to me right now, that I can develop drawing skills so I can put them to use, and also that I keep up with it fairly consistently. It also makes sense to me to take the drawing class because what I want is to have a schedule where I have time each day for both work and drawing, and this could help with that.

If I need to take more than that, I'm considering retaking statistics as an online class to go for the A, and also retaking French, since I'm pretty sure I won't get anything higher than a C in that.. beyond that, am not sure yet. I'll have to wait until I think December 27 for all the grades to be in. I'll keep checking in the meantime.

In any case, I'll do what I can to make sure I have some breathing space the next several months.. and hopefully get the opportunity to improve my employment thingie. Need higher income, benefits would be good. Part of why I want to maintain my PTK membership, though, is that apparently I can order health benefits through them, including dental and visual even! Which would be very good.. I'll dig into that more once school is over. And I think I do want to take one week after school ends to just veg. and not do anything important besides sit at work and get a paycheck.


Having people show compassion and offer advise and assistance to me when I got sick on Saturday night was very helpful to me as a person, not just as a sick person, because I've really estranged myself a lot lately, have been stuck in my head and overstressed and just feeling broken so much of the time. It was really good to feel like people honestly cared about me and that I was still a person.. because sometimes I let myself feel like maybe I'm not.

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