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2006 in Review

:: whimper ::

Let's hope 2007 goes better than that.. 2006 wasn't all bad, but it was bad enough that most of the good stuff was drowned in a fog of extreme fatigue and lots of pain. I dunno about resolutions, but I got some things to take care of.

 - Contact school about PTK membership maintenance requirements
 - Revise Spring 2007 semester
 - Have car reinspected and fully registered, take care of things like old shocks and broken stereo
 - Work on diet, take time to prepare more food for self and eat out less to save money
 - Work on reducing excess spendings like canceling New Scientist subscription
 - Work on making more money somehow
 - Achieve medical insurance
 - Somehow move out into own place (will require roommate)
 - Pay off at least majority of debts
 - Make time for fun and drawing (which should also be fun)
 - Spend more time with people
 - Keep track of people's birthdays because year-end holidays just never work out
 - Raid LEGO store to reasonable extent
 - Something
 - Make brain not dead
 - Possible coma

In truth, I want to just sleep for two weeks, then take a relaxing vacation for two weeks, then live a normal life of work and home for two weeks, then worry about all the other junk that I don't feel like worrying about. mew

Well, anyways.. right now I'm just feeling like poop because eating my mom's chicken last night hurt me. I guess it's not gluten-safe stuff that she buys; it certainly isn't organic, like most of the food I eat these days. I had an okay weekend, spent the past week and a half around predikit, enjoying some leisurely time with crazy folks like mmsword and datacat, and at rejoicingapathy's birthday party. Somehow it's all been terribly exhausting. I think I probably haven't been eating right for the most part, and also just all my exhaustion from the past year and a half is really catching up with me. So I've enjoyed my time with peoples, I've just also been totally out of it all the time.

School is done. I got a D in my French class which means the Pell grant is going away and I can't afford to go to school any more, financially or otherwise. I'm probably going to take one class next semester, and it will probably be a drawing class; nothing to do with working towards a major, just something I'd like to do. Hopefully that will be enough to maintain my PTK membership, but I have to talk to the right people about that.

I dunno what else right now. Now that I'm done spending time in New Jersey for a while, I'd like to spend some time with other peoples soon, maybe this weekend would be nice, something. In the meantime, I'll be leaving work in a few minutes to go deposit my check from last week and get some sashimi. At some point, I'll have to find the couple checks I got for Christmas to deposit those too..
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