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Questions on macros and Word (and iTrips)

Does anyone out there know anything about exporting and importing macros -- or at least steps to go through to recreate macros in a different version of Microsoft Word? Specifically I need to copy macros from Word 95 on an old desktop computer to Word 2003 on a new notebook computer. No direct or indirect connections between the computers themselves. Just wondering if there's a way to export macros as files that can then be imported, and if that can work across versions. If not, how to edit macros and create new ones in a different version that can do the same thing -- or perhaps links to tutorials that can help with that sort of thing.

Basically, I want to secretly set things up on my person computer so that I can do work from home, and then submit a reasonable proposal to my boss so that he has no legitimate excuses to disallow me that option. Doesn't mean it'll happen, but it's worth it to me to do the work anyway, especially if it means I can find new ways to bring in more money outside of work while I'm working from home.


A couple of months ago I noticed a pile of trash bags by the elevator at work that I believe were from the evening cleaning crew who hadn't brought them outside yet. Sitting next to one of the bags was an iTrip; one of those tiny things that plugs into an iPod to transmit it to a radio station. I picked it up for the heck of it and hadn't tested it until today. It works! I'm not entirely sure why it was with the trash.. it's certainly not new. When I first started using it, there were occasional interference blips, like the station was moving out of range even though the iPod is sitting directly on top of the radio. The past couple of songs had played flawlessly, though, the only thing being that I can't select the station it plays on; it defaults to 88.9 FM.

Does anyone known anything about these things, what I might be able to do to make better use of it? Maybe someone I could take it to that can tweak it if the interference sounds become a problem? I'd like to use it in my car, but it seems to require the thing be sitting right next to the radio its transmitting to, which might not work very well. I'll have to test it out. Also, being able to change stations and all might be nice. The iTrip seems to have a FireWire port or something that can be used while its plugged into the iPod (where the standard USB cable usually goes). I'm guessing I could get some sort of FireWire-to-USB cable and connect it to the computer..

UPDATE: The cable that helen99 lent me along with her spare camera works for the iTrip. I was able to download the "iTrip Playlist" from the official Griffin Technology website, but it doesn't seem to work with the iTrip I have, so I'm stuck using 88.9 FM so far.


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Jan. 27th, 2007 09:52 pm (UTC)
It's little, oval, and snaps onto the bottom? Little grey wiggle-control on the right-hand side and an LCD display to set the frequency?

And does it have a thin, grey strip (a wire) across the back o the unit?

It sounds like mine. I can show you how to hack it.
Jan. 27th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
You know, I hadn't even paid attention to the control on the side. Now I can change the frequency without the silly playlist thing. And yes, wire across the back; FCC ID#:PAV4026
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