Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

More work for me

So starting Tuesday I'll be filling a temporary part-time data entry position, closer to where I live than my current job, in the few hours before I leave for my current job. Thanks to elwing2000 for letting me know about it and helping get me in touch with the people.

It's just a couple hours a day for a couple of weeks, shouldn't be too hard. It starts an hour later than classes did when I was attending school on-campus and doesn't involve any critical thinking (just adding data to a spreadsheet) or homework. So I think I can manage it and I really do need the extra money right now. My bank account's been on a steady decline for a while..

I'm hoping this might be able to help give me some opportunities to change my employment, though I don't expect to get a full-time position there. Just maybe it'll help me find something.. at the very least I can tack it onto my resumé.

Speaking of working on changing employment.. I still have to work on setting myself up for telecommuting, even if things don't work out that way.

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