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The Gildowan family

(Summarized from other journals).

Some really good people just lost their (rented) home in Colorado to a fire. Summer (mom) and kids were visiting a friend while it happened and are fine. Ashran (dad), however, is in the hospital in stable condition but will likely be there for a few weeks recovering from a lot of burn wounds. They lost almost everything to the fire and could use anything they can get. They are mostly good on clothes except for Ashran who wears XL T-shirts and 36-38 pants.

Summer and kids are staying in a hotel nearby the hospital for now, and do not have much room for stuffs, so the best thing right now would be money (and some people are already preparing to send packaged meals and things). podisodd has set up a bank account where money can be deposited (or will accept checks and deposit them himself); you can get more info on that here. rialian is also accepting donations through PayPal at his website. Ignore for now that this is registration for a camping event; simply note "Gildowan" somewhere on the form for the money to go their way, and remember that the registration form and the PayPal payment go through separately (do one first, then the other).

News articles:
Man in shower when house fire starts @ 9news Colorado
Blaze levels home in Ned: Resident sent to hospital with 'substantial' burns @ dailycamera

LJ posts:
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