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Best web comic ever!

A Miracle of Science is a wonderful web comic that everyone should read.  (^*^)  I just finished plowing through it myself yesterday, and it is goodness. It finished earlier this year; the story was outlined from beginning to end before it was actually written and drawn. One of the few whole stories in web comics, versus all the continuing and sometimes random strips out there. It takes place in the 2140s, in which Venus, Mars and a few moons have been (at least partially) terra-formed and colonized and one of the big problems of the day is a disease called SRMD: Science-Related Memetic Disorder. Basically, people become mad scientists, and the Vorstellen Police exist to help run the meme out of people's brains by guiding them through the stages of the disorder.

Very fun stuff. Mad science, alien love, group intelligence, etc.  (^*^)
Tags: science!, web comics

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