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Next weekend.

Next weekend is the Washington, DC 46th Annual Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival. technobushi and I are planning to go, along with jarandhel and whomever else can manage to make it. technobushi and I will be celebrating our birthdays the following Tuesday (well, that is, that's the actual date -- I don't know how much actual celebrating will be going on that Tuesday) and I think this'll make a nice little entertaining weekend to coincide with that.  (^*^)

Anybody interested in coming and might need travel arrangements, please let me know. I realize this is short notice; I didn't realize it was already that time of year. Everything keeps rushing by!

On another note, I took a look at the previously mentioned room for rent today, and it is a nice place in a nice area, closer to my work and I'd be living with nice people.. but it is substantially less space for substantially more money, and restrictive in that the owner is a single mother and she has rules like that I wouldn't be allowed to bring over any friends or anything. So I'm not sure I will be taking that, since I don't know what I'd do with all my stuff and wouldn't really have room to walk around. The bed in the one room was actually smaller than the odd mattress-thing that I sleep on now (I really don't know what it qualifies as).

I want to keep looking for places and not just jump on this one, although I did tell her that I would make some sort of decision in the next week and get back to her in one week. I do see her regularly as a waitress at the restaurant where I eat lunch, so it's not like we'll be out of touch.. and if I can manage to find a decent, well paying job in that area, I might consider it. I don't know, though. If I get a well paying job, I might be able to afford something better where I can invite my friends over. We'll see.
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