Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
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I often have things to say, but don't know what they are..

I'm currently mulling over whether or not to move into that room for rent. I have until Sunday to get back to her about this (although that was an arbitrary deadline). In the meantime, will continue collecting options to review by the end of the week.

I'm considering various potential job options, and have a couple of people to contact now on those lines.

I just finally scheduled an appointment with H&R Block to do my taxes. Need to make sure I have all my materials together.. hopefully I'll get a decent amount back so I can afford to do things like pay rent. Finances would probably be less tight if I wasn't trying to save money. I've been obeying the rule I'd heard a ways back that, for a typical five day, 40-hour work week, you put the first, pretax hour of each day into your savings. Although just yesterday I edited a transcript for Bloomberg News with a couple of 401(k) professionals discussing that people need to save in addition to their 401(k) and if starting in their 20s, need to start saving at least 20 percent of their income. I couldn't possibly do that at this stage, but that gives me some good thoughts on calculating how much money I should be making..

I finally withdrew from my digital photography class yesterday. I just can't keep up with unnecessary obligations any more, and it'll be good to be able to focus more on the important things instead of school. If I end up moving to that room for rent, I won't be able to continue going to school anyway.

em.. tomorrow I'll be starting an Aikido class with rhiannasilel. I'm not ready, and I'll need to explain my health situation to the instructors there, but I'm hopeful to be able to accomplish something with this, at least. I've been meaning to try both Aikido and Tai Chi for a long time now, and it feels good to finally be doing something about that, even if it doesn't turn out well for me at this point.

Friday morning is that taxes appointment. Friday evening I'll be heading to rhiannasilel's social thingy as usual. Saturday is the Sakura Matsuri (11AM-6PM), which I'll be attending along with technobushi, jarandhel and whoever else manages to make it. Sunday.. is the deadline for making a decision on the room for rent. Hopefully by Friday I'll have a list of options available, as will kyrin7, who's expressed interest in possibly splitting a place, so I can work on making a decision for Sunday.

Hopefully, this weekend, I'll have a finalized copy of my resume that I can start spreading around next week. I might call some people ahead of time to get more info on possible job opportunities first. I should try doing little things here and there in the meantime.

Tuesday is my birthday. Hopefully it is a good day. It will probably just involve sleeping until I have to go to work. Hopefully it will be a good day at work, and if not I will have to punch Tim in the face. He deserves it, he'll understand.. ehe. I might consider arranging to go out for sushi that day instead of Monday and Wednesday or something. I like being friendly with the people at the restaurant. Maybe I can get a birthday nigiri, hee.

em.. I guess that's it for a thought dump for now. I'll leave out all the mad gibberish that is constantly pouring through my brain about anything and everything. I might end up using a separate journal dump out all that stuff. It's crazy.
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