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So as it turns out, "Creon" is the name of a once-king of Thebes. Generally viewed as rather tyrannical. He came into command of Thebes after a battle over the kingdom between the brothers Eteocles and Polynices. As he was protector of the city during Eteocles's rule, he declared that Eteocles would be buried, but not Polynices, for having attacked the city.

Creon sentenced Antigone to imprisonment in a cave, when she went against his word and performed a burial for Polynices, even though his own son, Haemon, was betrothed to her. Informed by Tiresias that the gods are angered by his actions, Creon relents, but Antigone has already hung herself within the cave.

Enraged by this, Haemon fails in an attempt to kill his father, and then takes his own life. When all has settled, and the city is safe, Creon returns home to find his wife, Eurydice, has also committed suicide (for reasons as yet unknown to me).

Creon was the son of Menoecus and brother of Jocasta.

There would appear to be another Creon as well, whom even less information is available on (unless this is the same Creon; but I've yet to see the two connected directly).

He was the king of Corinth, whose daughter Creusa married the famous Jason (leader of the Argonauts). Of course, the problem there is that Jason had been betrothed for very long to Medea (daughter of Aeetes, keeper of the golden fleece), who even bore him two children.

This Creon ended up dying at his own hands, while holding the dying Creusa in his arms, whose cloak had been poisoned by Medea in an act of revenge on the cheating Jason.

There's likely only one person whom would understand why I posted this here, and he may have forgotten by now, if he even (still) reads this journal. Ah well. Perhaps I'll learn more later... One can hope.

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