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Moving along..

It's been a pretty decent weekend for me so far.. Friday morning, I finally had my taxes done at H&R Block. Thanks to the handy helper there, I'll be getting back approximately one month's pay.. which helps me bunches. Sometime in the next week or three, I should receive a direct deposit to my bank account that will help me pay rent here and put a down-payment on a new place.

Yesterday, jarandhel, technobushi and I went to the Sakura Matsuri. There were less interesting tents than there were last year, but there was better weather and new interesting things, like a kendo demonstration and a few new vehicles on display. Toyota had something that looked like a mini-Hummer and a shiny new Prius. There were some people there selling some sort of moisturizer, which was entirely uninteresting, but they had this cute little compact car. The kind that only seats two people and could fit two to a parking space.. hee

We left just in time for the rain to start, and wandered around a local mall while we waited for a Japanese restaurant to open.  We each picked up some Asian action flicks to watch next weekend. The restaurant was a delicious hibachi, steak and sushi place. Unfortunately, I got some gluten in me from one of the sauces, but I'll be more careful about that in the future and we all had a pretty good time.. just got to try and manage the crankiness of my body over the next couple weeks. jarandhel paid for technobushi and my meals as a birthday present to both of us (same birthday), which was very nice, as it was very expensive. The food and service were really good though, so I think the price was well worth it. Had some tasty espresso chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I'm planning to experiment with caffeine and things to try and help deal with the effects of the gluten getting into my system.. see how things work out.

I really enjoyed just relaxing with people, whatever we were doing. Hanging out and just doing anything or nothing is one of my favorite things. I'm glad that I don't have homework to worry about now and can focus more on both relaxing and taking care of the things I actually need to without having false obligations in my way. This summer I'll be doing a lot of work to help improve my life and my psyche.. and one of the first steps is moving into a new place. I've already called the lady with the room for rent and left a message with her.. she wasn't at home when I called. Going to discuss what options there are for taking the room and when and stuff.. looking into possibilities of cheap furniture to store things while there. Also informed jarandhel that there is a second room available there, should he not find something more suitable for himself first.

This week will involve more delving into trying to get a better job.. for now, I'll have to stop saving money for a while in order to pay for rent in the new place (at least, assuming that works out okay.. I don't have reason to believe right now that it shouldn't). It'll basically push me right to the edge of my finances.. and if anything at all comes up (like more car trouble), I'll pretty much be screwed except for the money I've already saved up.

Tonight, though, I've got basically nothing to do except to go in search of food, and stop by lyssabard and tlttlotd's to watch some shows. At some point I'll start digging through my stuff to sort through needs, wants, and things to get rid of.. since trying to move will be kind of a small hassle, and the new place will be smaller than the current one (and with less closet space). I feel strange about things now, and it's probably just my body being cranky, but I hope that everything will work out..

Tags: birthdays, festivals, friends, fun, gluten intolerance, job hunt, life, rooms for rent

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