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I keep forgetting to mention..

I won't be making it to WTT this year. I'd love to be in two places at once (no, really, I think that would be awesome), but I'm not Multiple Man or anything like that.. so I'll be heading to datacat's graduation party that Friday instead. And possibly spending some time with sixteenbynine that weekend as well, since I already submitted for those days off from work. I really didn't want to miss WTTX especially, although I always don't want to miss WTT since I started going at IV, but I think that I'll have an awesome time doing something different than I normally do every June. I think it's good for me to start making decisions that involve reminding myself what my priorities are in life, and being around for datacat's graduation is definitely a priority over a recurring event, much as I enjoy it. (Congratulations again on "Cum Laude!")

I'll see y'all around when I see ya. Thankfully, the majority of people that go have become people that I keep in touch with more than once a year. I think that helps make this all so much easier a decision.
Tags: life, people, priorities

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