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Oh yes, and before I forget (read: too late)...

I'm going to be designing my own mini verse. A couple of people know this already. But, I thought I'd mention it, for anyone who reads. Thus far, I have been taking my darned time in letting thoughts pass through my mind on what I might do with this. And I plan to continue to take my time, let things fall into place.

I would, however, appreciate any thoughts people might have on the subject. I've already chosen what I think I'm going to be modeling my (first, may or may not be last) galaxy after. The NGC 1363 galaxy. You can see it here. I think that should make for an interesting sample to start with.

I plan on mapping the galaxy into quadrants, the quadrants into sectors, and then listing all the known and / or inhabited solar systems within those sectors. Eventually, I'll get around to solar system detail, including planets. Which will of course lead to extra detail on the inhabited / inhabitable planets, including maps, and catalogs of the races inhabiting said worlds... And eventually full out attributes, characteristics and history of any intelligent races amongst those.

And God knows what else... We'll see. I plan to have fun with it, though. ^*^ And, as noted more than once, take my time.. I want this to be done right. If that means taking years to do this, so be it. But of course, that's why I ask for any ideas people might have for such a project (and I do mean any; what sorts of things to think of for the universe itself, how to go about putting it together [artistically and otherwise], perhaps even suggestions for a proper forum for collecting thoughts)...

Well, anyway. Thanks in advance to those who lend their thoughts. All thoughts will be appreciated, whether they are used or not. And please understand that any disregarded thoughts would most likely only be left out because I'm looking for a very specific feel for this.. even though I'm not entirely sure yet of what that entails.

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