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Up to the highest heights..

New LJ community by hasufin:
A while ago, B and I had an idea. Kinda Discordian, kinda fun. But a very real idea for a good cause.

Pretty simple. We want to prove to our nation's lawmakers that there are real GBLT citizens out there.

No chants, no marching on the capital building. We want to fly kites.

Rainbow kites. On the National Mall. Nothing "in your face", but if we can get enough people involved, it'll get noticed.

We've created a community for this. It's called gbltkite.

Due to the somewhat sensitive nature, it's going to be moderated for now. If you're interested, join up!
If you do not match cultural standards of sexual orientation and gender roles; if you support the right of every human to live as they wish, so long as it harm none; if you simply enjoy flying kits, please join.
Tags: communities, glbt

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