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Of boredom, and related substances

I am so awfully bored these days, that I have resorted to playing Diablo II: Lord of Destruction more hours than I am even aware, let alone care to admit to.

Between the boredom, and the weather--overdoses of heat and humidity--I have become, and continue becoming, a very irritable person. I find myself almost constantly agitated. And when little things happen, like glitches in a game, and people trying to tell me of things they known nothing about, my mood becomes very volatile.

I just end up trying to keep myself distracted. What I want is to do something constructive. More specifically, I'd like to do something creative. But unfortunately, I find myself unable to do so alone. I need someone to help me, to act as a focus for my thoughts. A catalyst, as it were, that I may accomplish something, however large or small.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find someone to fit the bill. People, in general, are entirely uninterested in my thoughts. Or only vaguely interested, but with no will to give me any of their thoughts on the matters, or no confidence that they could really add anything worthwhile.

Anything would be worthwhile, believe me. I'm so scattered at this point, I can't even form a solid thought, or idea. I need something to go on. Some direction to take, some paths to be presented.. even if I do not take them. That in itself would be a choice, and put me on a path of some sort.

I am so utterly, agitatedly bored, I've come to writing in this LiveJournal just for something to do. And to say to myself, "Look, I did something."

Someone save me,

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