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Possibilities for the future

I have this habit of saying "rar" a lot in instant messages and chat rooms, often as my first post; is just a silly thing I do, like so many others. sixteenbynine makes fun of me by replying with things like ".ZIP," ".LHA" or ".TAR.GZ" which are all digital archiving formats (much like ".RAR"). Yesterday, I said that one day I would have to beat him with an archive and then add him to it.

As I sometimes do, I randomly decided to look up what information Wikipedia had on archives. I glanced over the main Archive article, which quickly lead me to Archival science, which I hadn't heard of before. Of course, I also went back and ran over the Archivist article, and found I could easily picture myself in this kind of position. Of course, the Archivist article says that "most of those in the United States have earned a Masters degree." It seems odd to me that a graduate level degree would be standard for something like archiving; it seems like an associate or undergraduate degree should suffice, but oh well.

I followed through to the Society of American Archivists website, went straight to their Directory of Archival Education section and found this entry on University of Maryland programs for library science at the College of Information Studies. When the time comes for it, I could potentially get a dual Masters degree in History and Library Science. I want to keep this in mind for the future, because this sort of thing could suit me; I've always had a general interest in history, in keeping records, in preserving things, and I think this kind of job is something I could manage despite my health issues. It's not a life goal or anything, but it could prove interesting, and this would be something to do after I've gotten my undergraduate degree.. in whatever field of study I end up.

In the meantime, I think I'll keep on considering ideas of jobs that most people just don't think about when looking for work..
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