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Coming to you live from foodville

per_akh and I found this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant on Rockville, after several failed attempts to get food, including going to an Indian restaurant that is no longer a restaurant but a grocer and video store, even though they still have the same sign.  (o*O)  ("Arathi Indian Cuisine" in Vienna/Fairfax area Virginia.)

Anyways, I think this is the place. It has free Wi-Fi access, and I'm sitting here posting this while I finish up my tasty curried chicken w/rice. It's right across the street from Benjarong, the wonderful Thai restaurant. They play good music here, too.  (^*^)  Castles in the Sky (popular electronic song) is playing right now, hee.

Anyways, I think we're about to head out. Xiao!
Tags: food, fun, restaurants, wi-fi

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