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So the past few days have been blech healthwise. I'm guessing, and kind of hoping, it has something to do with food I had at Benjarong on Saturday that I shouldn't have.. 'cause if it isn't that, then I have no idea what it is. I stopped having the raw milk that rialian's been buying at helen99's suggestion that it might be what's been making me feel increasingly ill for a while, and I think she might be right, but I'm not sure. I feel kind of better, but not quite.. I don't know.

Recently, my body has been going through things that seem very similar to the reactions it was having while I was on doxycycline. Or was it after I was done with the doxy? rialian should probably remember the problem I had when he was driving me between Maryland and New Jersey.. I don't remember if we were heading to NJ or to MD at the time. He suggested the problems I was having were a result of the antibiotics, and after lots of active culture yogurt, the reactions did seem to die down some.

Last night, my body just wouldn't let me sleep. I rolled around in bed all night hoping it would let me sleep. This has been happening a lot more lately, and it tends to coincide with terrible things happening in my head, and I'm not really sure what those terrible things are. I just know that my head feels funny and my brain tends to keep rambling on all kinds of senselessness, most of which I don't clearly remember. And it keeps me from sleeping. I've actually found that sometimes just staying up instead of going to bed seems to help. mrf. It is very difficult trying to be sane amidst this kind of thing.
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