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Zuda Comics

As sweetbastet put it, DC is finally acknowledging that web comics exist.  Zuda Comics is DC's new web comics forum.  People can submit comics for entry into competitions.  Each month, 10 selected submissions will be presented as part of a competition, one of which -- based on scores combining favorites, views, ratings and votes -- will earn the artist a one-year contract.  Comics selected for publication in competitions earn the artist a $500 license fee and unique anthology reprints will earn them $1000.  (Some comics may also be selected as instant winners, such as this month's winner Bayou; although apparently that was preselected, as the artist is an accomplished print comics artist with Dark Horse and Oni.)

The first series of 10 competing comics are up now.  A friend-of-a-friend drew what is so far my favorite comic out of the 10, Battlefield Babysitter.  (I also liked High Moon and The Dead Seas, but not as much.)  Currently, the competition seems to be largely between Battlefield Babysitter and High Moon, with everything else proving less popular (based on number of views and favorites).  It has me thinking more and more about my own need to work on my drawing skills and start some things of my own..
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