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Thanks to everyone who responded to my earlier sociology question.  My current considerations are to discuss gender issues (transgenderism), youth culture versus dominant culture (cosmetics/hair dye), or nature as a form of deviance (body odor).

Happy anniversary to the creatures what spawned me.  Not a whole lot of people, as I understand it, make a marriage last 28 years simply because they want it to last.

Happy Pi day to alk, simply because you're awesome and full of pi.  ^*^


Today I received a form from a semi-local endocrinologist's secretary on which I'm supposed to explain why I'd be an appropriate patient for this doctor.  I don't know what will come of this, if anything, but goshdarnit, I need to stop over-thinking the best approach to health care and just do something and allow myself to either fail or succeed as it happens.  I feel silly just writing a big note on this form to explain briefly my situation, since I don't actually have any current endocrine diagnoses or medications.

I am also slowly learning to use my voice and not simply suffer through large amounts of B.S.  Where I am able, I am disallowing the management at my job to abuse me as much as they would otherwise, and I've been keeping in constant touch with my sociology teacher on problems as they arise and have had him make corrections as a result.  I guess maybe, sometimes, my experience of reality isn't totally invalid, and the thoughts I have are worthy of a voice.  Just another way in which I need to learn to allow myself to succeed or fail as it happens.
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