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Google Chrome, wee.  ^*^

I've just applied for an in-store agent position with Geek Squad with a recommendation from a double-agent friend.  I'm a bit outdated on my tech knowledge and would like both to impress and to be knowledgeable in advance of most situations that may arise with that kind of position.  It seems largely to be a customer-service position that revolves around computers, but I do want to get a good dose of information for the sorts of things I'll need to do---handle malware, diagnose hardware problems, and learn about networking to increase my advancement potential.

Does anyone have any recommended communities, newsletters, or Web sites I should follow to help with this?  I think I could really enjoy this kind of position, and it would certainly be better pay than most retail positions or my current part-time work at the Humane Society.

Tags: education, job hunt, tech, work

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