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A fairly simple example of what is often a much busier workspace:

- Google Chrome window 1 tabs:  phpMyAdmin for database management, PHP Functions page, lj_nanowrimo profile, YouTube video (posted to LJ earlier), 1918 article on education
- Google Chrome window 2 tabs:  LiveJournal friends page, NYT article on old hoodoo findings in Annapolis, Gmail inbox, Wikipedia article on Orisha
- Notepad windows:  D&D character in progress, list of applicable D&D 4E feats and rituals (PHP-related windows closed earlier)
- Tabbed Pidgin instant messages window
- Portable Abiword for 2008 NaNoWriMo novel (712 words of crap so far)
- Semagic LiveJournal client
- PortableApps main menu (on taskbar)

There were many more browser tabs, including things in Internet Explorer, as well as many more Notepad windows and other things before I closed a bunch of stuff.  A multitasker I am, yes.

Ooh!  And now I'm opening Winamp because the Current Music box made me realize it wasn't playing something already.

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