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I've signed up for an account at deviantArt

It's funny, y'know.. well, I'm not much of an artist.. but, I have a couple simple poems, and digital artworks and the like.. I figure I'll have fun with it. I already am, really... I've fairly well begun settling into my home

I find it a very interesting place to monitor human activity patterns, though.. I mean, these aren't average humans, mind.. They're artists. But the most interesting thing, I find, is watching how quickly some piece of your art can become popular.. or sometimes just sit there, unnoticed. And seeing which things become popular, of course..

So far, my screen shot (literally, a picture of my desktop, with a few of the opened windows and such) has gotten the most views out of my works.. No comments, downloads, or 'favorites', of course...but still, it's interesting

My two most favored works so far seem to be the poems, what is strength, and they... I find I like that others can enjoy my work. Or even that I have proof that people have been seeing them...

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