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For the first time in a long while, I've done an i ching reading.  I've had so many concerns on my mind, so much frustration, and so much anxiety that I wanted to get a response to something that's been a very important concern to me: should I be in school right now?

-----     26; Great Accumulating
-- --
-- --     Concentrate, focus on a great idea;
-----     accumulate energy, bring everything together;
-----     a time for great effort and achievement.
Great, TA: big, noble, important; able to protect others; orient your will towards a self-imposed goal; the ability to lead or guide your life; yang energy.
Accumulate, CH'U: gather, collect, take in, hoard, retain; control, restrain; take care of, support, tolerate; tame, train or pasture animals, raise, bring up, domesticate; be tamed or controlled by something. The ideogram portrays fertile black soil accumulated by retaining silt.
Great Accumulating.
Advantageous Divination.
Do not eat in your dwelling (or with your clan). The way is open.
It is advantageous to step into the Great River.

Now is the time to accumulate things through the power of a great central idea. Focus on one thing and impose a direction on your life. Concentrate everything on this idea. It will bring you profit and insight. Gather all the many parts of yourself and your experience. Think of yourself as raising animals or growing crops. Tolerate and nourish what you accumulate. Do not stay at home or in your immediate circle of friends. The way is open to great things. Step into the stream of life with a purpose. Study the precedents and go on from there. Be firm, persist. Renew your connection to the way each day. Nourish moral and intellectual power. This is a great time. The connections reach to heaven.

* OUTER AND INNER WORLDS: Bound and Force.
An outer limit retains and accumulates heaven's great force. This is a time of strength and abundance.
* HIDDEN POSSIBILITY: 54 Converting the Maiden.
The power that comes from great accumulating contains the hidden possibility of realizing your potential.
Being without embroiling then allows you to accumulate things. Acknowledging this lets you use Great Accumulating.
Great Accumulating means it is the right time.
Heaven is located in the Mountain centre. Great Accumulating.
The realizing person uses numerous records and the predecessors' past words to move.
The realizing person accumulates power and virtue.

Transforming Lines__________

A stable for young cattle.
The way is fundamentally open.
You accumulate the strength to carry heavy loads and the force to confront difficult situations. This takes time, but the way is fundamentally open. This will give you cause to rejoice.


-----     14; Great Possessions
-- --
-----     A powerful idea;
-----     great power to realize things;
-----     organize your efforts, concentrate;
-----     great results and achievements.
Great, TA: big, noble, important; able to protect others; orient your will towards a self-imposed goal; the ability to lead or guide your life; yang energy.
Possess, YU: there is; to be, to exist; have, own; possessions, goods; dispose of; arise, occur, events. The ideogram portrays a hand holding an offering. It suggests sharing with the spirits and other people.
Great Possessions, fundamental Success.

This is a time when you can acquire great abundance and prosperity through the development of a central plan or idea. Concentrate your energy. Focus on a single idea and impose a direction on things. Be noble and magnanimous with the results. This can be a deep and continuing source of success, excellence and fertility. Make a great offering and share it with others. By concentrating your inner force you can spread brightness and warmth. Be decisive. You gather the crowds around you. Firmly check hatred and negative emotion. Yield to the powerful spirit of the time and let go of your personal restrictions. Brighten the inherent beauty of things. This will connect you to heaven above and let you know the right moment to act.

* OUTER AND INNER WORLDS: Radiance and Force.
Great force concentrates within, spreading brightness and warmth in the outer world. This is a time of great abundance.
Focusing on a central idea and receiving the benefits contains the hidden possibility of clear and decisive action.
Associating with concording people implies that beings are necessarily and truly converted to your idea.
Accepting this lets you use Great Possession.
Great Possession means crowds.
Fire is located above Great Possessions. Heaven.
A realizing person terminates hatred and displays improvement.
A realizing person yields to heaven and rests in his fate.
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