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Inhumane Society of Baltimore County

So, more highly qualified and severely underpaid employees at the Humane Society of Baltimore County are being laid off without reason.  My roommate, sweetbastet, was let go this Thursday in a rather spontaneous manner, after I was laid off a few weeks ago.  Our best estimates for why this might be are that (a) she was one of the few, or perhaps the only, employee to receive a raise to $9.00 from the starting $8.50 per hour and (b) she is merely one in a succession of old crew they've deemed expendable, and they're looking to clear house so they can make whatever changes they like with minimal argument.  When she asked what the reasons were for her being fired, she was told by the executive director that he doesn't have to give her that information.  This is technically and legally true, but extremely uncool and highly suspect.

I don't have experience in dealing with the kind of ridiculous, almost sociopathic behavior involved here.  I've had plenty of experience with that kind of behavior, but I've never been or at least seen myself as in a position to do any good in response, so I don't have the experience in trying to stop this sort of thing from happening.  I have gotten to a point in my life, however, in which I feel that people doing what are, to me, unfathomably unethical things should not be allowed to do so without check.  So I am consulting the many intelligent people here on the Web for some assistance on this issue.

I can tell you for one thing that some of the HSBC employees have said that the organization would fail an OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) inspection, and that Maryland state actually has its own organization called MOSH (Maryland Occupational Safety & Health) which has a Web site here.  I do not have any more specific details on that at this time.  I can also tell you that the executive director is now Joshua Gowans (410-833-8848x212), who is the husband of the assistant director of operations, Heather Hart (410-833-8818x210), and that the board of trustees supposedly allowed this with much trepidation.  (In my own opinion, any trepidation would have been in the CYA fashion of making sure there were no immediate legal concerns with such a decision, as clearly neither Joshua nor Heather are qualified to be running the place.)

Before I forget, Josh setup a new e-mail address to collect rumors spreading around the organization as they go through these management, staff, and policy changes, rumors@baltimorehumane.org.  I can tell you that a current rumor multiple employees relayed to me is that Josh is abusive to his wife Heather, physically and otherwise.  Please feel free to send e-mails to that address, as Josh does want to stay informed of these things.  (I won't be sending any e-mails to that address myself.)

While there have not been many actual policy changes thus far, there have been many procedural changes, such to allow virtually anyone to adopt an animal without much qualification.  The actual process for taking applications hasn't changed, but the decisions made by Heather do not correspond with the data yielded from research about the applicants.  People who are known to be neglectful of their animals are adopting new animals from the shelter.

I have a lot of trouble with the idea of trying to confront this issue because I don't want to see the HSBC itself collapse. There are still good people there, and there are certainly plenty of animals.  I don't want to see more people lose their jobs any more than I want to see animals put down or sent to Animal Control (and put down a couple days later) as a result of the place shutting down which, according to Josh, is a possibility if they can't make some serious cuts to costs and see some increase to their income.  They are supposedly about $214,000 "in the red" and, assuming this is true, it's necessary for them to make some changes to help ensure the survival of the organization.  They are, however, accomplishing these changes in wholly unethical fashions, and I'm tired of watching organizations rise to power, crumble, or both based on truly inhumane business principals, and I especially despise seeing any amount of power in the hands of unqualified people, some of whom are only interested in the power and money involved, not the ethics on which the organization was founded.

I truly hope that these problems can be solved in a fashion that's most beneficial to the employees, the animals, and the organization.
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