Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

Update on Vlad's Health, Part I

Last night saw me to bed earlier than usual, in part because yesterday was an awful day for me, and in part to be up early enough to take Vladimir to another vet appointment.  Vlad wasn't at all happy being towed in Aliviya's carrier, as Vlad is a growing kitten and Aliviya is a rat, and after I left him in the warming car to scrape the ice from my windshield, I came back to find the small carrier empty and Vlad cowering under the seat.  The small translucent hatch at the top hadn't been properly sealed, and Vlad managed to squeeze through it.  I placed him back in the carrier and sealed everything properly, then drove the mile and a half to the clinic while Vlad screamed, cried, and tried to dig through the bottom.

After arriving at the clinic, filling a form, and depositing some records, Vlad calmed some and started to lightly sleep instead of shake inside the plastic cage.  It didn't take too long before someone led us to one of the back rooms to wait for the doctor, and I sat examining the feline breed and weight charts while Vlad rested.  When the doctor came, he examined the two fissures through which Vlad has been urinating and explained that probably either "his" genitals weren't expressing because they'd been sealed behind scar tissue and swelling or "her" genitals had simply been sealed shut from multiple scars healing into each other.  He seemed to suspect the latter, but he wanted to keep Vlad for the day for sedation and more thorough examination alongside his four colleagues at the clinic, and he said he'd call sometime this afternoon.

In terms of price, he said today's examinations should easily come under the $160 Erin authorized me to spend, which was the amount we'd received through the ChipIn donation collector by that time.  (As of this writing, donations have come to $169.50.)  He didn't give any new estimates in terms of surgery yet, and he indicated that this may well be something which requires a specialist, such as the Chesapeake Veterinary Surgical Specialists, which were recommended by another doctor who returned a call yesterday.

So now I'm waiting for the phone call to take place sometime this afternoon, after which I'll be bringing Vlad home in a borrowed carrier to return to the office later.  Hopefully we'll have some more insights then.
Tags: kittens, pet care

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