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That's strange..

I've forgotten for, oh, maybe two weeks now, to post about a.. dream I had. I keep thinking I should post it in my LiveJournal, but... I always forget when I'm in a position to do so. One of those thoughts that only comes to mind when the head hits the pillow. Which is odd, because it had been particularly important to me... Though by now, it's rather faded..

Well, it was just very interesting to me, because I spent the night with someone.. in my dream. I felt as if I was truly with the person, even though in this reality we are physically apart. But there was a certain closeness there.. Not the usual heated passion I experience with a lover, but a more calm and soothing feel of.. true closeness. It was very comforting.. I enjoyed it very much. Just to spend that time with someone.. and share a mutual feeling, though I cannot find the proper words to describe just how it felt...

What's odd, though, is that I don't even know the person, really.. though I have met them. Briefly. At Walking the Thresholds V. The person I was with simply referred to this girl as "Pretty." As if it were her name. :chuckle: And it was true, which I stated at the time. :grin:

Well.. nothing really came of that, the person and myself never really got to know each other. But in passing, which happened several times, we both 'meowed' at each other, and at one point, she spontaneously nuzzled me and ran off. Whether that was one of those fleeting moments I'm all too used to experiencing, or a sign of actual interest, begging that I follow, I am uncertain. I've always been blind to these things, until much later. :chuckle: I didn't realize until a couple of years after the fact that many girls were quite interested me throughout high school. It's a terrible fallacy, I know.. But, well, my mind just doesn't run along those lines, generally.

I do wish to meet this person, though.. Truly meet them, not just encounter. But, again, I know nothing about them.. have no means of contact.. only managed to get a signature on the last day, in the book I always ask that people sign in whatever fashion. She simply wrote (though the smiley was vertical):


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