Gorotsuki Tenshi (aekiy) wrote,
Gorotsuki Tenshi

good/bad business decisions

It is the current business model for many large organizations to contract customer support to a large body of specialized low-skill and low-pay employees.  This model means that companies can provide a broad body of customer service, answering the many thousands or millions of phone calls they receive each day, for a very low price.  The problem is that a high percentage these low-skill low-pay employees are of insufficient intelligence or training to handle situations that deviate from whatever scripts have been provided which, of course, leads to situations like this (originally from the VerizonMath blog).

In happier news, New York Comic Con was fun, Coraline 3-D was awesome, and I'll be heading home this afternoon.  On that middle note, they're already preparing commentary and behind-the-scenes features for the eventual DVD release, some of which can be found on the official CoralineFilms YouTube account, such as this video on miniature knitting.  Microknitting is approximately as amazing as watching 3-D films in a theater, which is pretty great and not as dorky as old-school 3-D film watching with the red and blue cardboard glasses.  It's really fun to watch things appear to pop off the screen and hover over the audience.  Getting both 3-D effects and a great story is priceless, though the cost was $11.50—not bad considering the usual $9-10 cost of regular films these days.
Tags: 3-d, conventions, customer service, films, microknitting, problems

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